Electric Sonic Toothbrush
Sonic Toothbrush PTR-C9S
Optional Colors
Introduction Minimalistic Electric Sonic Toothbrush
Lasts 90 days on single charge
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            An Electric Sonic Toothbrush that truly Oscillates!
Sonic vibration that cleans the hard-to-reach area
Widest amplitude that carries optimal cleaning effect
New Gen
Brushless Maglev MotorPowerful and
Low-noice Operation
2,000mAh 18650 li-ion battery
Large Capacity, one Charge to Last 90 days
* Based on clean mode with highest intensity, 4-min session/day
* Data from Powsmart Lab

Patented Structure Design IPX7 Water Proof

Withstands 1m depth immersion test

5 Brushing Modes to meet with different
Teeth and gums

2-Min Timer & 30-Sec quad-pacer

Size30.0*29.0*253.1mm (incl. brush head)
Color OptionalWhite/Black
Battery2,000mAh Li-ion battery (last 90 days based 4 min/day on highest intensity )
Brushing Mode3 Modes: Clean,Sensitive,White
Operation Tempreture-10℃-50℃
Other Functions2-mins timer,30-seconds quadpacer,low power indication,smart memory, lock-up function
Product Include1x Toothbrush handle
1x Brush head with protective cap
1x USB-DC mini cable or 1x Wireless Charging pad
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