• Brushing force of manual and sonic toothbrushes affects

    Abstract Objectives This study aimed to determine the brushing forces applied during in vivo toothbrushing with manual and sonic toothbrushes and to analyse the effect of these brushing forces on abrasion of sound and eroded enamel and dentin in vitro.

    2019-01-10 379


    With the new PTt technology, themanufacturing of anchorless toothbrushes becomes simpler, and offers an evenwider range of design options and manufacturing advantages. The way thetechnology fixes the tufts in the brush head is totally different from anything else.

    2019-01-04 563

  • The Bass Brushing Technique: How to Brush Your Teeth for Gum Health?

    Did you know that how you brush your teeth can be just as important as what you use on your toothbrush? In fact, the type of brush you use plays an important role as well! ...... Why the Bass Brushing Technique works?

    2019-01-02 515

  • What to look for in an electric toothbrush?

    While electric toothbrushes are not complicated machinery, there are a few features to consider before buying one.

    2018-12-28 482

  • Powsmart Sonic Toothbrush at April Globalsources Electronics China Sourcing Fair

    As a regular exhibitor of Hong Kong electronics fair, Powsmart usually goes to attend the Globalsources Electronics and Components China Sourcing Fair twice a year (in April and in October). Therefore, you must have already seen Powsmart's booth again at AsiaWorld-Expo during April 11-14, 2017.

    2017-09-23 1596

  • Why Use a Sonic Toothbrush?

    While many dentists will emphasize frequent brushing and flossing, it really does matter which kind of brush you use.

    2017-08-11 1680

  • What are sonic electric toothbrushes?

    Sonic toothbrushes are electronically powered toothbrushes that operate at a frequency audible to the human ear and has been proven to be five times more efficient in dental hygiene than normal tooth brushing technique.

    2017-08-11 1847

  • The Prophix smart toothbrush will film the inside of your mouth

    The forthcoming Prophix smart video toothbrush from Onvi aims to improve your brushing efficiency by showing you a live stream of the inside of your mouth -- on your phone.

    2017-08-08 1560